ATV Tour to Moray and Maras

Adventure on 4 wheels Atv Quad Biking

Half Day From $ USD 80.00

ATV Tour to Moray and Maras

ATV Tour to Moray and Maras

Adventure on 4 wheels Atv Quad Biking


Half Day From $ USD 80.00

Half Day
Physical Level
15,090 feet (4,600 meters)
Adventure Atv Quad Biking
Daily Departures
Cusco| Moray| Maras| Salineras


ATV Tour to Moray and Maras

The ATV tour consists of a tour in all-terrain vehicles (ATV, also known as ATVs or ATV motorcycles) that will take us through impressive landscapes and archaeological sites near Cusco.

The Maras salt mines are evaporation pits from the Inca era, while Moray is famous for its circular agricultural terraces that were once used by the Incas to experiment with different crops.

Amazon Garden Lodge is a tour operator with an excellent reputation on Tripadvisor, we provide security and environmental sustainability, we respect the environment and we have all the security measures for your protection.

Trip Details

Details about ATV Maras, Moray Tour

  • DURATION: HALF DAY (From de 7:00 to 13:00 hrs. or from 13:00 to 18:30 Hrs.).
Harrold M
Harrold M
a trip of a lifetime A very posiitve and a breathtaking trip to the tambopata jungle and all thanks to the tour company for being exceptionally well organised and the knowledgeable guide who showered us with all interesting facts about the life in this part of the rainforest.
Melissa B
Melissa B
Peru Amazon Lodge was impressive Staying at the Peru Amazon Garden lodge in Tambopata was a magical experience for us as a couple. The sernity of the surroundings combined with the intimate ambiance of the lodge made it a perfect romantic gateway. Every moment was filled with natural beauty and the staff ensured our stay was memorable. It was a dreamy chapter in our journey together.
Abdul Q
Abdul Q
Enchanting wilderness awaits at Peru Amazon Garden Lodge ! Our time at Peru Amazon Garden Lodge was an exquisite escape into the untouched realms of the Tambopata jungle. Nestled amidst the lush and vibrant wilderness, the lodge offered an impeccable blend of comfort and adventure. The accommodations were cozy and thoughtfully designed, allowing us to immerse ourselves fully in the surrounding nature while enjoying modern conviniences. The excursions, guided by the incredibly knowledgeable and passionate staff, opened our eyes to the rich bio diversity of the Amazon. We marveled at the array of wildlife, from playful monkeys to vibrant parrots, all while learning about the delicate ecosystems of this remarkable jungle. The nighttime safari was a particular highlight, revealing a mesmerizing world that comes alive under the cover of darlness. Meals at the lodge were a delightful culinary journey, showcasing the fresh and diverse flavours of the region. The staff went above and beyond to cater to various dietary needs and preferences, ensuring each dining experience was a pleasure. The Peru Amazon garden Lodge offers more than just a stay, it offers an intimate encounter with the Amazon´s magical biodiversity, all while ensuring visitors are wrapped in comfort and genuine hospitality. A truly invaluable experience we will cherish forever.
Anup M
Anup M
Exceptional Stay At peru Amazon garden Lodge in Tambopata, my partnerand I were immersed in an unforgettable blend of lush rainforest and warm hospitality The serene surroundings coupled with the lodge´s attention to detail made our stay as a couple truly special. Can´t wait to return.
Flavia M
Flavia M
Amazing trip to the Peruvian Amazon An incredible experiene in the heart of Peruvian Amazon Jungle Thanks to German our guide who was very attentive and informative His knowledge on local civilization and flora and fauna were impressive. He spoke good English as well which really made it possible for us to understand things throgh a local´s point of view. They took care of everything from accommodation, food and guided tours. Highly recomended for an authentic Amazon Experience.
Ethaneal M
Ethaneal M
Throughly Enjoyed every moment An experience we will remember forever. Thanks to German the guide and the entire crew of Peru Amazon Garden who were always around ensuring that we had a pleasant time with them. The tour we did with them was very informative and was insightful. We spotted several animals, birds and also got an insgiht into the culture and traditions. The night tour in specific was quite extraordinary. The guide made animal noises getting them off their hide outs and we could enjoy a clear sight of them, Highly recommended.
Magdelene N
Magdelene N
Loved it A very joyful and well guided tour to the Peruvian Amazon jungle. From transport to guide services and food and accommodations, the company took care of everything. The guide we had was the best during our time in Peru. It was a very good value for money and I can totally reccomend the tour and the tour company.
Ravi M
Ravi M
Interesting Excellent tour and a very peaceful place in the heart of the Amazon Jungle. The guide was very professional and spoke good English. We sighted many animals and birds and the food was very authentic as well. Highly recommended.
Jayson M
Jayson M
A hidden gem in the heart of Tambopata! The Peru Amazon Garden Lodge exceeded all expectations! Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Tambopata, it offered a perfect blend of comfort, adventure, and a close-to-nature experience. The staff were warm, helpful and went the extra mile to ensure our stay was amemorable. An absolute must-visit for any nature lover.
An enchanting stay in the heart of the jungle. My stay at the Peru Amazon Garden Lodge was an extraordinary experience. Nestled amdist lush greenary , the lodge offered and ideal blend of comfort, adventure, and immerssion in nature. The staff was warm, welcoming and knowledgable about the jungle´s unique ecosystem. Waking up to the sound of Amazon and exploring the rich bio diversity were highlights of my stay. Highly recommend for an authentic and relaxing jungle retreat!
ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras ATV Tour to Moray and Maras

Itinerary at a Glance

  • DAY 1: Cusco - Sacred Valley of Incas (Exploring Maras & Moray on Quad Bikes)


  • ATV tour of Maras and Moray salt mines offers exciting experience.
  • Explore the Inca experimental terraces of Moray and the salt mines of Maras.
  • Half-day adventure with natural beauty, culture, and excitement.
  • Panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, including Verónica and Chicón.
  • Learn how to drive ATVs from our local guide and take a 10-minute workout.
  • Breathtaking moments with giant mountains, glaciers, and typical villages.
  • Sophisticated Inca agricultural laboratory of Moray with its unique circular terraces.
  • Explore the Maras Salt Mines, where locals extract salt in the sacred valley.
  • ATVs are not allowed in the salt mines, so alternative transportation will be used.
  • Fisnish the tour with a refreshing iced Cusqueña beer.



Cusco - Sacred Valley of Incas (Exploring Maras & Moray on Quad Bikes)

The tour begins when we take a 45-minute drive from Cusco to our base located in Cruzpata.

We will receive a talk about safety when handling the ATV, the tour will last 1 hour and a half.

Along the way we meet local people in their daily activities, these visits will make us feel special.

On the route we can also visit the archaeological site of Moray (Old Quechua laboratory), from September to December it is not available for this tour.

We will take a walk to the salt mines, which consist of more than 4,000 pools that are used to this day.

Note: You can also start this tour in Urubamba or other accommodations near the Sacred Valley, please request prices and information.

We offer you these 2 routes:

  • ROUTE 1: Base – Moray – Salineras – Base (You must pay the entrance ticket to the sites, in Moray S/ 70 like US$ 20 for foreigners and S/ 40 like US$ 12 if you are Peruvian and Salineras S/ 10 like US $3). From September to December 2022 it is available to visit Moray.
  • ROUTE 2: Base – Waypo Lake – Salineras – Base (You must pay the entrance ticket to Salineras S/10 about US$ 3).



ATV Biking Includes:

  • Pre-departure briefing
  • Pick up from the Hotel
  • High quality mountain Quad bike
  • Safety equipment (helmets and gloves)
  • Highly qualified English / Spanish speaking professional tourist guide
  • Transportation round trip from cusco to Cruzpata and back to cusco

No Included

Not Included :

  • Entrance fees for the Sacred valley archeological sites along the way.
  • Buffet Lunch in the sacred valley.

What to Bring

  • Raincoats during the rainy season
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat for the sun
  • Suncream
  • Extra money in soles
  • Original passports
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Personal medication if necessary
  • Small backpack to carry water, camera and personal things
  • Photo cameras or video cameras

Pricing List


Prices are based on Number of people departing that date/ We will leave with minimum of 02 Persons.

  • 02 persons group / US$160 per person
  • 03 persons group / US$140 per person
  • 04 persons group / US$120 per person
  • 05 persons group / US$100 per person
  • 06-8 persons group / US$80 per person

Travel Guide

The community of Maras, which is located 41 km to the west of the city of Cusco, is populated by the stone ports (escudos in geometric forms), which was lost to the main families of the village during the colonial era. as the Iglesia de San Francisco, built in the year 1556 as an Inca worshiper, without embargo the place more known to its famous Salineras de Maras, it was recognized at the world level and by so much requested in the best restaurants of the world, this is the place Approximately 3000 pozos and all of them together with one of Cusco’s best attractions.

Subsequently, we continue with our new adventure to reach Moray, which appears to be a great anfiteatro of the Lejos, without embargo es an important important archaeological center dedicated to the service of an agricultural experimentation laboratory in the Inca era, cada terraza mide 1.80 m, with At a depth of 150 m, this means that every terrace has different microclimas and can be cultivated with more than 250 plant species.

We continue to enjoy the scenery and we can appreciate the dark landscapes and mountains that are there, as well as the scenery of the Río Vilcanota. The next route will be the Waypo Lake, located at 3500 msnm, we have an incomparable beauty that is rodeada by the Salkantay mountains, Chicón and Veronica, will be an excellent place to breathe adrenaline and nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Maras and Moray located at what altitude?

Maras y Moray are tourist destinations located at 3,385 meters above sea level in the Norte Valley of the Incas.

What type of experience does the visit to Maras y Moray offer?

The visit to Maras y Moray offers the opportunity to explore the architecture and ancestral history of Inca culture in an impressive natural environment.

What time does the tour of four motorcycles by Maras and Moray come from?

The tour of four motorcycles comes early, with the reception at the hotel at 7:00 a.m.

¿What can you enjoy during the trip to Maras and Moray?

During the trip, you can enjoy impressive landscapes, including the snow of “La Verónica” and the snow of “Chicón”.

¿How can you visit Moray during the journey by four-wheeler?

During the recorrido on four motorcycles, you can visit the experimental terraces of Moray, which were created by the Incas to form a human anfiteatro.

¿What time is dedicated to the visit to Moray?

The visit to Moray will take approximately 20 minutes.

¿What can you observe from the Mirador de los 5 nevados?

From the Mirador de los 5 nevados, you can enjoy an impressive view of the route and recorrer green camps.

¿What can you observe in the salt flats of Maras and why they are significant?

In the salt marshes of Maras you can observe the salt terraces that have been added by a bowl that sprinkles the water with the salt. These saline salts were used in the time of the Incas and were significant in the production of salt that was produced in the region.

How to Book

How to book

To confirm the tour/trek we need you to send us your personal information: Full Names, Passport Numbers, Nationalities, Ages, Gender as well as a deposit to secure the trip/tour.

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